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Images: British Columbia / Canada
me and my beloved Australian Shepherd
background : wild water scenery in B.C.

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What lays beyond the gate...   


What makes Stargate so special?

→ The fans - they have been loyal to the show for over 20 years
→ The actors - they still identify with the show and their characters until today
→ The producers - they are still fighting for a continuation of the show even after 20 years
→ The willingness to help - fans and stars still continue to help people and animals in need!
→ The Conventions - A big Stargate family


On my little fan page I would like to introduce you to this science fiction series from Canada, which is really worth watching.

TFR Colored Ranch Horses 

A virtual visit to the Triple F Ranch / Bavaria   




Since 1992 we have American Paint Horses, American Quarter Horses and Haflinger on our tiny ranch. In sporty competition our horses show their efficiency. Whether Club Champion or European Champion, Bavarian Champion or German Champion - American Paint Horses from our breeding have earned blue ribbons - as well at regional tournaments as on the international stage. If you want to know more, take a look around here.

We wish you a pleasant stay on our homepage.


Paint Horses aus Bayern

Aus Freude und Leidenschaft zu dem American Paint Horse und unserer bayerischen Heimat 
Sorry no English version. This page is available only in German!



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