motion picture by Roland Emmerich
(USA / 1994)


A group of military personnel led by Col. Jack O'Neil and archaeologist Dr. Daniel Jackson travel through a wormhole to the distant planet Abydos with the help of an ancient ring - the Stargate - found in Egypt. There they help to free the enslaved Abydonians from the false god "Ra".


→  1994 Saturn Award for Best Science Fiction Film
→  1995 BMI Film Music Award 
→  1995 Goldenen Leinwand
→  1995 Universe Reader’s Choice Award Best Science Fiction Film
1995 Universe Reader’s Choice Award Best Special Effects in a Genre Motion Picture 
1995 Universe Reader’s Choice Award Best Supporting Actress in a Genre Motion Picture.



motion picture by Brad Wright / Robert Cooper
(Canada / 2008)


The Ori strike forces are planning the final attack on Earth. The last hope of defeating the enemy lies in the 'Ark of Truth', a powerful artefact from ancient times. Dr. Daniel Jackson is convinced that the treasure is in the home galaxy of the Ori. Together with Lt.Col. Cameron Mitchell, Col. Samantha Carter, Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran he boards the USS Odyssey and sets off for the distant galaxy.





motion picture by Martin Wood / Brad Wright / Robert Cooper
(Canada / 2008)


SG-1 is said to be present at the execution of Ba'al, the last System Lord. While the team is waiting for the execution, Teal'c and Vala Mal Doran suddenly disappear into nowhere. When Lt.Col. Cam Mitchell, Col. Sam Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson return to Earth, a nasty surprise awaits them: Something inexplicable has changed the course of time and thus also the present - the Stargate program never existed!